Saturday, August 3, 2013

2013 Summer BBQ

Members of St. John's, as well as friends and family are invited to join us for the 2013 Summer BBQ.  This year it will be held on Saturday August 17th  from 1:00 PM onwards at Bro. John Roberts' Bushwick Country Club.  Please bring friends, family, and other guests.
Bushwick Country Club is located at 618 Grand Street in Brooklyn NY between Lorimer and Leonard Streets.  There is a large patio outback for grilling food (and playing mini-golf).  The easiest way to find directions is through  Please be aware that the MTA does repair work that often impacts subway travel on the weekends in the summer, so plan accordingly.
Members and guests can bring food.  Please join us for what I'm certain will be a great event.  If you have any questions or to RSVP, please contact :

St. John's Opera Night 2014 - Tickets Now Available

Once again we invite fellow Masons to join us at the 6th Annual St. John's Lodge No. 1 AYM Opera Night at the Metropolitan Opera.  This year's opera was chosen by Bro. Mark Snyder : L'elisir d'amoure (The Elixir of Love).
The performance is on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 at 7:30PM.  We will be seated in the Rear Orchestra.  Tickets are $100 and include all fees.  Please make payment by early August to ensure seating via PayPal only to : 
Every year St. John's has attended a different opera and the turnout has always been great.  Please feel free to invite your friends, family, and other Lodges, as well.  The Elixir of Love is a light-hearted opera and should be enjoyable for any opera goer - even if it's their first time.
For more information on the libretto and the performance, please view this site :'elisir_d'amore
We certainly hope you'll join us for what I'm sure will be an outstanding and memorable night. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Northern Lights

One of the most beautiful signs of Nature I have ever seen.

I was on Lake Kelowna, BC, which is about as far South as you can get in Canada. I was attending a retreat at an Anglican Christian Camp by the side of the lake. Amenities were primitive to say the least! No air conditioning, no glass windows (only torn mosquito netting), no bedding in the huts. The weekend started hot and humid with plenty of mosquitoes!

Fortunately, the air cooled and a breeze came in from the lake, so the next two days were quite pleasant. On the Sunday evening we were seated round the camp fire beside the lake, and at around 10:30pm the nigh sky began to take on a grey glow, as if one was looking at the sky over a city. The grey turned to green, and half an hour later hung in curtains above us. It was an awe-inspiring sight!

One of the people present had a decent camera, and despite camera shake - trying to take a dim light at night - did a remarkable job of capturing the night sky.


Monday, June 25, 2012

Support our Brother - Fabulous Show In Brooklyn!

Some of you may know Bro. Jonathan Cross, who runs a puppetry company from a space in Brooklyn. He is putting on a special show called 'Theatre of Little Broken Hearts' from now to July 14th, Thursdays through Saturdays at 8:00pm, with Saturday matinees at 4:00pm, at his studio at 196 Columbia Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231.

This is a collaboration between him and the acclaimed singer Norah Jones.

The publicity says:
"Set to the Soundtrack of Norah Jones’ critically acclaimed new album “Little Broken Hearts,” The Cosmic Bicycle brings you “Theatre of Little Broken Hearts,” a visual dreamscape interpreting this moody album through the use of puppets, projections, and creative stage imagery.

"As part of the launch of Norah Jones’ album “Little Broken Hearts,” the celebrated experimental puppetry theatre company The Cosmic Bicycle created “Theatre of Little Broken Hearts” which uses Jones’ album as the soundtrack to a visual dreamscape. Each of the album’s twelve evocative songs are accompanied by equally evocative vignettes that utilize puppets, projections and creative stage imagery. First presented at Manhattan venue The Box during the album’s release week as part of a listening event hosted by Bowers & Wilkens. The Cosmic Bicycle will now present the show in an extended run at their home base, The Clockworks Puppet Theatre in Brooklyn.

"Ticket Info 212.614.0001 or Email to".

Please support our Brother in this entertaining event! Indeed, if any Brother felt moved to organize a Lodge Trip, that would be great, too!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Clematis Plants

I love my Clematis plants. I have so many different varieties, and they never disappoint. The only sad thing is, they tend to be Spring and Fall bloomers, so by the time the BBQ takes place in late August, they will probably be no more than a memory and a tangle of green leaves climbing the trellises.

So that they can be immortalized, here are some pictures of them from my back patio!

St. John's Opening Ode

It was interesting last week. I asked Erik our organist to play both the St. John's Lodge Ode which we have often sung in the past, and the generic Opening Ode used in most English-speaking Lodges around the world (including Britannia Lodge in Manhattan, for one).

The overwhelming vote was not to use the St. John's Lodge Ode! The general feeling was that it was awful, both lyrically and musically. Other than the fact it was dedicated to St. John's Lodge, there was little else going for it. So it was decided to use the usual Opening Ode in future. However, while it is hard to improve on the wonderful lyrics, I felt it necessary to perform a little customization. So here it is: the Opening Ode for our Lodge with new lyrics for the third verse, which reflect personalizing for St. John's Lodge No. 1:

Friday, June 8, 2012

Concerts in the Park

R:.W:. Dennis Daugherty has kindly volunteered to organize a trip to the New York Philharmonic's Concerts in the Park this year.

On Friday, July 13th at 8:00 the world famous orchestra, conducted by Alan Gilbert, will be performing - free - the following works:

  • Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4
  • Respighi - Fountains of Rome
  • Respighi - Pines of Rome

Dennis will be informing us of the time and place for us to assemble in order to enjoy this wonderful music in such a spectacular setting!

More information on the concerts can be found here: